Group executive

The Group Executive is made up of the executive directors and the senior executives. The Group Executive meets broadly twice a month as a forum for the Group CEO to discuss the strategic, financial, reputational and commercial aspects of the Group. The forum does not have decision-making authority in its own right and authority rests with each of the members (within their respective remits), subject to the control and oversight of the Board.

Mark Wilson
Group chief executive officer

Thomas Stoddard
Chief financial officer

Nick Amin
Chief operations and transformation officer

David Barral
Chief executive officer, Aviva UK & Ireland Life Insurance

Paul Boyle, OBE
Chief audit officer

Andrew Brem
Chief digital officer

Kirstine Cooper
Group general counsel and company secretary

Christine Deputy
Group HR director

John Lister
Group chief risk officer

David McMillan
Chairman Global Health Insurance and chief executive officer, Aviva Europe

Euan Munro
Chief executive officer, Aviva Investors

Khor Hock Seng
Chief executive officer, Aviva Asia

Monique Shivanandan
Chief Information Officer

Maurice Tulloch
Chairman Global General Insurance and chief executive officer, Aviva UK & Ireland General Insurance

Chris Wei
CEO Global Life Insurance and Chairman Asia

Jason Windsor
Chief Capital and Investments Officer