Tackling climate change

Climate change has a significant impact on our business, our customers and the global economy.

There are risks...

and opportunities.

Insurers necessarily need to be forward thinking

At Aviva we seek to take that further step and put actions in place today that will provide solutions now, but will also create a more resilient future; creating legacy and being a good ancestor of future generations. The decisions we make today particularly in respect of climate change and other environmental impacts will have consequences for the planet over the next 30 years.

Commercially, it is in our interests to manage the effects of climate change so that certain risks can be insured and opportunities taken.

We are working with other organisations, policymakers and stakeholders to maximise our global impact.

Our aims

  • To make provisions for the future – building climate resilience
  • To achieve 20% reduction in CO2e emissions by 2020 - In 2014, we exceeded this target, achieving a 32% reduction well ahead of plan. We are now setting new ambitious targets.
  • To create quantifiable positive environmental change with financial and social benefits

To encourage our customers, suppliers and people to make sustainable choices too.