Diversity and inclusion

Aviva is a global company, employing over 26,000 people. Diversity and inclusion matters to us and we have a culture that embraces people who think and act differently and recognises that people perform better when they can be their whole selves at work.

Aviva’s diversity and inclusion strategy is focused on how we enable an inclusive culture and how we encourage a diverse range of perspectives in our business, because our customers are also diverse.

We have identified three key building blocks that will help Aviva achieve this:

  • A focus on creating awareness and personal accountability for diversity and inclusion at all levels in the organisation starting from the top.Taking targeted action where we want to improve representation, such as on Women in Leadership
  • Building vibrant employee led networks which help bring focus and attention on diversity and inclusion issues and opportunities such as our Aviva Pride network (LGBT)
  • A set of consistent diversity metrics to track progress and identify challenges early.

So how are we doing?

At Aviva, globally, 76% of our people think people from diverse backgrounds can succeed.  This has improved since 2013 and we are encouraged to do more.

We employ roughly half and half women (51%) than men (49%) yet, in 2014, 21% of our senior management team were female, 19% of our Group Executive and 18% of the Board. This has led us to focus on women in leadership.

Aviva is a signatory of the UK government ‘Think, Act and Report’ initiative to strengthen gender equality practices across our business, as well as, an early signatory of the United Nation’s Women’s Empowerment Principles. These frameworks inspire our practices – for example we offer free life insurance to all new parents for two years, freeing new parents from the fear of uncertainty at this critical time in their lives.

We have created positive workplaces for lesbian, gay and bisexual employees and are proud to be ranked 15th in the UK’s Stonewall Workplace Equality Index for 2015, recognising the top 100 gay-friendly companies.  Members of our senior leadership team have been nominated as outstanding gay role models by Financial Times.

To find out more about our people please visit http://careers.aviva.co.uk/

Women in leadership - Italy

Aviva Italy has become a member of Valore D, the country’s first association of large companies in support of women’s professional development and leadership.

The representation of women in Italian companies is concentrated in the middle and lower levels of management. Numbers at board and executive levels are under 7%. To address this gender imbalance, the association seeks to increase women’s representation in senior positions through networking, training, tools and knowledge sharing.

We support Valore D’s ambitions to promote ways to overcome gender bias and provide female managers with the tools and knowledge for professional progress.