Partnering with the experts

In our business, we know the power of partnerships. They help to solve problems and tackle issues in society by bringing together different skills and different viewpoints.

We have close ties with a range of diverse organisations, from NGOs to other businesses, public sector bodies and international organisations like the United Nations.

Aviva Tackling Numbers

Launched in the UK in January 2015, Aviva Tackling Numbers is an innovative and engaging programme for Key Stage 2 children, which makes learning about numbers fun, exciting and rewarding. Delivered by the 12 Premiership Rigby Clubs across England and available online, this rugby themed programme integrates interactive classroom maths sessions with practical, number-based rugby games.

Moreover, by using rugby themed content that connects with real life experiences, Aviva Tackling Numbers puts in place foundations for literacy in later life.

Aviva Tackling Numbers offers a new way to achieve the national curriculum's maths and Physical Education, citizenship and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) outcomes. Aviva Tackling Numbers has been awarded the pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group) Quality Mark after being independently assesses by the UK's leading financial education authority.

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The Oxfam 365 Alliance

Oxfam water tank delivery

We have partnered with Oxfam 365 to help provide round-the-clock global disaster response. Oxfam 365 specialise in the provision of water and access to sanitation and health (WASH) to help prevent further threats to affected communities. Our proactive investment, informed by our own experience of dealing with customer claims, has enabled Oxfam to be ready at a moment’s notice – where taking care of the immediate human needs is vital. This partnership, providing over £1million since 2006, has been a natural complement to the rapid round-the-clock support we deliver to our customers as part of our core insurance business and service.

Going forward, we will focus on helping communities prepare for the impact of natural disasters. This investment pays dividends – every £1 invested in reducing the risk of disasters saves £4 in emergency response and reconstruction, according to the British Red Cross.

Norwich City's Community Sports Foundation

Railway Children

We teamed up with Norwich City Community Sports Foundation to deliver Classroom Champions, a range of cross-curricular activities for local primary schoolchildren. The six-week programme involves classroom-based sessions using Norwich City Football Club as a tool to deliver literacy and numeracy activities, followed by football coaching sessions.

We also work with the club to support the CSF’s Sporting Light Appeal, which encourages people with disabilities into sport. At the match against Fulham in December 2013, we hosted a FanPic event to get fans to tag themselves, driving awareness and fundraising through social media.

Increasing awareness of breast cancer

In Italy we’ve been working with LILT, an Italian cancer charity and our partner of five years, to give practical advice on breast cancer to our employees, our agents’ customers and the general public. This year we arranged a week of preventative examinations with oncologists in our office and supported LILT’s mobile unit in Milan. We released advice from doctors through videos and organised events. Our partnership with LILT supports the launch of ‘Viva le Donne’ a new offer aimed at  women to extend health, home and car protection. From July to November over 7,300 employees and customers had been reached through our partnership with LILT.

Grief Encounter

Grief Encounter

Anyone covered by an Aviva life insurance policy can access support from Grief Encounter, a charity that helps children cope with the loss of a loved one.

  • Aviva has teamed up with the bereavement specialists to produce a video helping to raise awareness of the true cost of being financially under-protected. The film shows Aviva’s head of protection sales and marketing, Louise Colley, in conversation with Grief Encounter founder Shelley Gilbert.

    In the UK, only 36% of families have life assurance. Shelley believes this can lead to huge issues for the family, especially children, who risk becoming what she calls ‘the forgotten mourners’. If a parent dies, she explains, the surviving parent often becomes consumed with financial worries and the emotional needs of their children can be pushed to one side. Taking our family protection can help guard against this.

Parliamentary interns

Aviva supports a UK scheme that provides paid internship positions in Parliament for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements scheme was established by three Members of Parliament from different political parties: Hazel Blears, Eric Ollerenshaw and Jo Swinson. It is funded by external donors and Aviva made a significant financial contribution when the scheme was launched in 2011.

We’re proud to support the scheme, as it is designed to make Parliament more representative and help the interns fulfil their potential. It offers work experience in Parliament to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity, giving people from ordinary backgrounds a chance to enter politics.