Community development

As a business, we depend on healthy communities for our current and future customers, our employees, our supply chain and our investors.

Building healthy communities

By supporting education

We believe education is a form of insurance, a way of boosting future prospects. That’s why we put so much effort into programmes such as Street to School.

By providing expertise

Our people are experienced – real experts in their field. We want them to share their skills, and invest in the communities in which we work with advice and support.

By joining forces

Partnerships work. That’s why we’ve joined forces with other experts around the world, pooling our talent to help tackle problems and create social value.

A sustainable business and a sustainable community

Aviva Community Fund

At Aviva we are dedicated to delivering community investment and show how we “care more” and create lasting “legacy”.  Launched in 2009, the Aviva Community Fund was the first program in North America to connect social media and community investment by developing a digital platform that allowed Canadians to align their causes with Aviva.   The platform allows participants to influence donations by voting for their favorite ideas.   The ideas with the most votes have a chance to share in the $1 million fund.

Since 2009, Aviva Canada has provided over $5.5 million to 192 projects.   In that time, over 10,000 ideas have been submitted to the Aviva Community Fund with over 1 million registered participants to date, who have voted over 9.2 million times.

Aviva Community Fund, UK

Building on the success of the Aviva Community Fund in Canada, now live in the UK, we will be lending a helping hand to communities by offering support and funding for inspirational local causes. This is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on small local charities for the good work they’re doing. 

To submit a project through our website, go to - for the chance to win funding up to £25k.

Some examples of prize Winners from the 2014 Canadian Community Fund include:

A New Home for Lake Country Food Bank - The Lake Country Food Bank fills an essential need by providing food assistance to over 1300 people who live below the poverty line in Lake Country, BC. With a grant from the Aviva Community Fund, construction on a new home to solve the limitations of the current facility will begin in early 2015, enabling them to store fresh produce and provide healthy fruit and vegetables.

Storage for the Homeless – A Vancouver project allowing over 200 people experiencing homelessness to store their precious belongings safely. Having a secure place to keep your belongings is the foundational towards exiting homelessness. Without it, people would be unable to access the services and programs they need to rebuild their lives and secure housing, healthcare and employment.