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Aviva and WWF

It takes acting on climate change to build a better tomorrow. It takes a partnership.

Leading the financial sector fight against climate change

Aviva Group CEO Amanda Blanc and Tanya Steele, CEO, WWF-UK talk about our exciting charity partnership in this short film.

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Amanda Blanc, Aviva Group CEO:

We’re living in the midst of a climate emergency and as the UK’s leading insurer, we’ve got a big responsibility to do something about that Aviva has already set out our stall with our ambition to be Net Zero by 2040.

At the same time, we want to help our customers and communities to do more.

We want to help them be more resilient to extreme weather and understand what actions they can take personally to build a more sustainable future.

So, I’m totally delighted we have a new partner in the WWF.

They’re the world’s leading conservation organisation with fantastic expertise and an enormous network and influence in the area of climate action.

I’m really excited about what we’ll be able to achieve together.

Tanya Steele, Chief Executive WWF-UK:

At the heart of our mission is the dual challenge of tackling climate change, but also restoring our natural world.

Without it we won't have a stable planet which is the one place that we can all call home.

And whilst WWF were famous for working to save really iconic species, we know that at the heart of this crisis are a series of drivers that are driving the destruction of our planet, and finance plays an incredibly important role.

If we can ensure that finance is driving sustainability and is enabling our planet to be in balance, then we know we would have delivered real change.

Amanda Blanc, Aviva Group CEO:

We help people at all stages of their life.

From insuring their first home to helping them save for their retirement and we see the direct impact of floods or storms on people’s lives and livelihoods

That gives us a real understanding of how important it is to do something about it.

On top of that we’ve been working to make the global economy more sustainable for decades.

We’ve got the credibility and the influence to lead the way in financial services

And help the whole industry do more to contribute to a low-carbon future

Tanya Steele, Chief Executive WWF-UK:

WWF is really proud to be working with Aviva as a leader on sustainability in the finance sector acting on climate change.

And is the first major insurer worldwide to target Net Zero by 2040.

We know that Aviva is committed to reaching the Paris goals of 1.5 degrees to limit a warming world, and we need the whole of the finance sector to follow.

We know the strength that can come from lots of people acting together with a shared goal.

They will also act as a sort of critical friend on our work and ensure we are taking the right approach to the systemic challenge.

There’ll be lots of opportunities for our people to get involved so, I’d urge everyone to look out for what they can do to take part.

The science is telling us that we have less than a decade to change both the way we live, but also be on a path to recovery and start to restore our natural world.

It's great to be with Aviva on this journey.

WWF and Aviva logo

At Aviva, we recognise that strategic partnerships with trusted organisations are vital to meeting our sustainability ambition to act now on climate change and help build stronger communities.

That’s why we’re proud to work in partnership with the world’s leading conservation charity, WWF.

WWF’s latest Living Planet Report paints a worrying picture of destruction with global wildlife population sizes plummeting by 69% on average since 1970. We’re living in the midst of a climate emergency and as the UK.’s leading insurer, we’ve got a big responsibility to do something about it. We’ve already entered the age of consequences. Climate-related natural disasters are more frequent and more intense, displacing millions of people and costing economies billions every year.

Over three years, Aviva will be WWF’s lead partner in the insurance and pensions sector, focused on making an impact together across these key areas:

Transforming the UK finance sector

We will work together to call on the UK government to ensure they deliver on their commitment to develop a Net Zero Financial Centre, through credible science-based transition plans and the integration of nature, biodiversity and resilience factors into policy changes.

Last year Aviva and WWF-UK collaborated on a paper calling on the UK Government to introduce mandatory net zero transition plans for financial institutions. The Government responded at COP26 last year to announce they will move in exactly that direction.

In May 2022, we released another paper setting out further concrete steps we believe the UK Government should now take to embed and accelerate the transition: ensuring private sector transition plans are accountable and credible; advising on a transition-planning approach to government itself; and ensuring that protection of nature and biodiversity are integrated into transition plans. 

Our most recent paper, A UK Net Zero Investment Plan for Green Growth, highlights the need for a specific plan to catalyse private finance to deliver green growth. We believe this plan should set out a comprehensive financing strategy to assess, track, and scale-up (largely) private finance in the net zero transition, consistent with the Paris Agreement, while delivering wider benefits such as improved energy security and alleviating the rising cost of living.

We hope this will continue the positive dialogue with Government and push for even greater and faster ambition – informing the next iteration of the Green Finance Strategy.

We are also encouraging other financial institutions to join our calls to government to put the sector firmly on course for Net Zero.

Engaging millions of people

We’ll be engaging the hearts and minds of our people, customers, and consumers across the UK and Canada to help them reconnect with nature and better understand the power of their individual choices, actions and financial decisions in protecting our planet.

Building climate resilient communities

Together with WWF we’ll work with communities in the UK and Canada to help build healthier and more resilient ecosystems that help reduce the risk of climate-related natural disasters and create wider benefits for people.

Aviva Canada is the presenting partner of WWF-Canada’s Nature and Climate Grant Program, to help communities and indigenous organisations to restore degraded lands and shorelines in order to improve habitats and capture carbon. And in the UK, we’ll fund nature-based solutions, grant programmes and scientific research to help make more communities resilient to climate related weather events like flash floods.

To find out more, take a look at our community project information pods below.

Nature and Climate Grant Programme (Canada)

Together we will help to improve and increase viable habitat for biodiversity and carbon, to help wildlife thrive and fight climate change at the same time. 

Photography credit: Emily Vandermeer / WWF-UK

Wild Ingleborough (UK)

Together we will help to restore peatlands, woodland and heathland as part of the Wild Ingleborough project in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Photography credit: Andrew Parkinson / WWF-UK

East Anglia and River Soar (UK)

Together we will help to restore the natural flow of rivers in the East Midlands and East Anglia, implementing nature-based solutions to mitigate against the impacts of flooding.

Photography credit: Jiri Rezac / WWF-UK

Firth of Forth (UK)

Together we will help to restore seagrass meadows and native oyster beds in the Firth of Forth in Scotland.

We will work closely with local communities to raise awareness of the benefits of marine restoration and bringing the heritage of the coastal communities back to life.

Photography credit: Steve Morgan / WWF-UK

Why we’re working together

Aviva is the UK’s leading insurer and in 2021 became the first major insurer worldwide to target net zero carbon emissions by 2040.  WWF is the leading global conservation organisation, working to build a future where people and nature thrive. Together we have the reach and influence to help reimagine and start to reorient the way financial services function in a sustainable economy. We can help more people unite to take action, and help lead the changes we all hope to see for people and the planet.

Read more in our 2021 launch press release and this article from WWF outlining their perspective on our partnership.

To learn more about how we're working towards a better tomorrow at Aviva, visit our Sustainability overview.

Power of your pension

Aviva has undertaken a study with leading data analytics company, Route2, in association with Make My Money Matter, and Aviva’s strategic partner WWF-UK, to help people understand the impact financial services, in particular someone’s pension, can have on their individual carbon footprint.

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