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Corporate Responsibility Summary 2018

Protecting and improving the future for everyone.

We help our customers look to the future with confidence. To do that, we have to be a responsible, sustainable business so we can help protect and improve the future for everyone.

Doing the right thing for our customers and communities


claims we paid
in 2017*



environmentally and socially inclusive products & services

£17.6 million

investment in
our communities

1.5 million

people benefited by our community projects

Strengthening communities

In 2018, our community investment totalled £17.6 million and our community programmes helped  1,554,000 people and supported  3,100 projects around the world.

Towards a more sustainable future

1 million

people helped by our carbon offsetting projects since 2012


reduction in CO2e against our 2010 baseline

£1.8 billion

new investment in wind, solar and biomass energy


the year we won the UN Foundation leaders award

Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on our own value set and purpose. We need to continue to take care of the fundamentals, from human rights across our supply chain to simple, easily accessible and inclusive products and services for our customers.
Kirstine Cooper, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, Aviva Leadership Team member responsible for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

How we support our customers and communities

*The percentage figure was calculated by dividing all paid and rejected claims by the total number of claims received between 1 January and 31 December 2017. The figure includes all insurance product lines across all our businesses and excludes benefits and pensions, which have a payout ratio of 100%. It also excludes invalid or incomplete claims, such as instances where claims were opened in error, abandoned or withdrawn by customers.