Black history lessons for Aviva families

History. It explains our past, informs our present and shapes our future. But for many, black history is a missing chapter.

History. It explains our past, informs our present and shapes our future. But for many, black history is a missing chapter. That’s why we’re running black history lessons for our people and their children during October half term, organised by our Origins community.

If the Black Lives Matter movement has taught me anything, it’s that society is not educated enough on black history and we can do more to empathise with black people and the centuries of discrimination they have endured. Educating yourself plays a part to this journey and what better way to start than learning from our own homes?

What are the lessons?

Leila Fortunato, an experienced history teacher, is teaching children about pre-colonial Africa, black contributions to Britain and black civil rights.

The lessons are split into two sessions - for children aged 5-10, and for children aged 11-16 - but our people of all ages are welcome to join.

We’ve already run two sessions during the Scottish half term, which went well as you can see from this short video:

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My name’s Orlando Machado and I am chief data scientist at Aviva.

The Trinity Challenge is needed because we’re facing a global crisis, not just in the short term but with real long-term impacts on health and economic wellbeing.

Data science and analytics can play a role in solving this, but if we’re really going to crack it, we’re going to need to work together.

And we’re supporting this challenge because for over 300 years we’ve been there to help people manage risks around the things they value most. Their health, their families, their livelihoods.

We think that this group has real power to make a difference.

I am really excited to be supporting this challenge. I think we can help people across the world and I’m proud that Aviva can play a part. 

“The lesson was fantastic, interactive, engaging and thought-provoking – highly recommended.” Donna Sharp, Senior Compliance Monitoring Manager

“It was very sad. They split families and they weren’t even allowed to speak their own language.” Donna Sharp’s daughter, Lucia age 8“

“It was great to be given this opportunity. It made me realise there’s a lot more we could all be doing.” Mike Newing, Project & Operations Senior Manager 

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These black history lessons are just a small glimpse to what is to come for Origins and the commitment we are making to bridge the gap between Aviva and our community. To our black colleagues, we promise to be with you today, for a better (working day) tomorrow.

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