Share dealing 

How do I buy and sell Aviva ADRs?

Holders can buy and sell Aviva plc ADRs by maintaining either an International Direct Investment (IDI) plan or via the Direct Registration System (DRS) programme. For an IDI plan brochure and enrollment kit, please refer to, under the “Investors” section and select “Investment Plans/Services”. You will find a pdf of Aviva’s IDI plan brochure. The IDI plan is a dividend reinvestment and direct purchase plan sponsored and administered by Citibank, NA. The plan enables first-time purchasers and existing holders to make purchases, reinvest dividends, deposit certificates for safekeeping and sell ADRs.

How do I convert my ordinary shares into ADRs?

Aviva plc ordinary shareholders should contact their local broker to deposit their ordinary shares at Citibank London for ADR issuance.

How can I find out how many ADSs I hold?

Registered ADR holders can access their account online.

Alternatively Aviva plc registered ADR holders can contact Citibank Shareholder Services. Aviva plc ADR holders holding shares via a bank, a broker or nominee account (in book-entry format) should contact their brokers for information on their holding.

How do I transfer or gift my ADSs?

Computershare are Citibank’s transfer agent. Information on how to gift or transfer your ADSs can be found under the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the Computershare website. The “Frequently Asked Questions” section is located under the “Transferring Stock” menu, where you will find the requirements to transfer your shares. You can also contact Citibank Shareholder Services.