A message from our Group CEO

"Being there for customers when it really matters is exactly why we exist, and I am proud of how Aviva has responded. 

Our colleagues have been truly fantastic, responding quickly and ensuring that we provided excellent customer service." 


“I’m far more resilient than I thought I was…” 

The pandemic shocked us into a different way of working. We’ve had to find new ways of doing things, including in the way we work. As a result, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves.

In this short film, our people talk about how coronavirus has affected their ways of working.

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John Bernard, Director of Group Gorporate Security, on COVID-19

John led Aviva's response to the pandemic since the very start. He was integral to the decision to send home 16,000 Aviva employees in UK.

In this episode of the Aviva Podcast, find out when John first heard about the outbreak, and when he realised it was going to be serious...