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UK gender pay gap report

We’re creating an inclusive culture where everyone can be themselves and do their best work.

Our UK gender pay gap report 2019 sets out details of our gender pay gap and what we're doing to address it.

Our gender pay gap shows we need to focus on eliminating barriers for our people to fulfil their potential. We are making progress, but we need to do more to create opportunities for women to move on to bigger and broader roles.

Our UK gender pay gap in numbers


* For consistency of comparison, 2017 data relates to the combined population of Aviva Employment Services Limited (AESL) and Aviva Investors Employment Services Limited (AIESL). Since 1 July 2017, these entities have been combined.

  Gender pay gap
  Mean Median
2019 26.7% 27.3%
2018 27.2% 27.8%
2017* 28.5% 27.6%
  Gender bonus gap
  Mean Median
2019 51.4% 39.0%
2018 54.8% 39.1%
2017* 57.2% 40.5%
  Proportion of men and women receiving a bonus
  Men Women
2019 95.2% 94.9%
2018 91.4% 92.1%
2017* 91.3% 93.0%

Understanding the challenges we face means we can accelerate the pace of the change we need to see.

Here are some of our key actions to reduce our gender pay gap:


Female graduates in our 2019 intake
  • We have gender-balanced recruitment shortlists, use specialist software to create gender-neutral vacancy marketing and have reduced some essential technical role requirements to create a larger, more diverse talent pool.
  • We make sure we consider inclusion at all stages of graduate recruitment, which resulted in 54% female graduates in our 2019 intake. Aviva Investors' early careers pipelines aims to encourage graduates who studied subjects other than maths or economics to join the asset management industry - this has resulted in us employing more diverse graduates.
  • We report our female : male hire ratios for senior roles to the Aviva Leadership Team every month.

Retention and progression

Our Aviva Balance community actively includes men for gender parity.
  • Our equal parental leave policy aims to remove barriers to progression that have typically penalised women.
  • Our Aviva Balance community actively includes men for gender parity to make sure inclusion is everyone's responsibility.
  • We encourage female leaders with Profit and Loss (P&L) accountability to share their experiences, as this is where women are currently most underrepresented.