UK gender pay gap report

Our culture

We’re creating an inclusive culture where everyone can be themselves and do their best work.

Our UK gender pay gap report 2020 sets out details of our gender pay gap and what we're doing to address it. 

Our Gender Pay Gap shows we need to continue to focus on eliminating barriers for our people to fulfil their potential. We are making progress, but we need to do more. 

Understanding the challenges we face means we can accelerate the pace of the change we need to see.

Our gender pay continues to head in the right direction, but it is painfully clear that progress is slow and not good enough. We remain committed to narrowing the gap by balancing men and women across our organisation at all levels.

Here are some of our key actions to reduce our gender pay gap:


  • In 2020 we have moved to offer all roles (where possible) as suitable for flexible working in order to encourage applications from women. 15% of the UK employees are part time, with 87% of these being female.
  • All roles are advertised internally to widen pool of candidates (confidential exceptions approved by Chief People Officer).
  • Gender balanced shortlists for all internal and external hiring.
  • Using specialist software to attract diverse candidates through gender neutral vacancy marketing, Textio.

Retention and progression

  • Flexible and part time working is available to everyone, with senior role modelling to encourage take-up. Removal of location specific roles helps enable movement between roles and promotion.
  • All employees are entitled to 35 hours a year for caring commitments.
  • We have a Group-wide Accelerating Leadership from the Inside Out (ALIO) programme which focuses on women in leadership. Launched in 2016, 40% of participants have so far progressed to new roles.
  • Our Emerging Leaders and Ethnic Minority Leadership programmes invite employees to self-nominate and, like our graduate programme, inclusion is considered as part of our selection process.
  • Our equal parental leave policy gives all UK employees of all genders up to 12 months leave, of which six months is fully paid.

Our UK gender pay gap in numbers

*For consistency of comparison, 2017 data relates to the combined population of Aviva Employment Services Limited (AESL) and Aviva Investors Employment Services Limited (AIESL). Since 1 July 2017, these entities have been combined.

  Gender pay gap
  Mean Median
2020 26.0% 26.7%
2019 26.7% 27.3%
2018 27.2% 27.8%
2017* 28.5% 27.6%
  Gender bonus gap
  Mean Median
2020 51.2% 36.5%
2019 51.4% 39.0%
2018 54.8% 39.1%
2017* 57.2% 40.5%
  Proportion of men and women receiving a bonus
  Men Women
2020 96.3% 96.5%
2019 95.2% 94.9%
2018 91.4% 92.1%
2017* 91.3% 93.0%