Our strategy and performance

It's the strength of our performance and our robust balance sheet which allow us to be there for our customers today and long into the future.

Our strategy

Following the appointment of our new Chief Executive Officer, Maurice Tulloch, on 4 March 2019, he will be undertaking a review of the Group’s strategic priorities. We will update the market on our future strategic direction later in 2019.

Our existing strategic framework focuses on the things that really matter and puts the customer at the heart of everything we do. It provides clear direction across all our markets for how we currently run our business:

True Customer Composite: We can provide customers with life, general, accident and health insurance and asset management – a True Customer Composite.  This is what sets us apart.  We are the only composite insurer of scale in the UK.

Digital First: We put Digital First. This is how we will capitalise on the breadth of what we can offer customers.  With their busy lives, customers are increasingly turning to digital to make things more convenient, easier and quicker.

Not Everywhere: We focus our resources where we can be most competitive. We will focus on a select number of markets and business lines where we have scale and profitability or a distinct competitive advantage – where we can win.

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Our performance

We published our 2018 annual report on 26 March 2019.

Watch this short video about our 2018 performance:

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Read our results announcement for a review of our performance in 2018.