Our businesses

We have unique strengths as a business which give us a significant competitive advantage.

We offer a wide range of insurance and saving products to help people protect what’s important to them and look to the future with confidence - from car,  home and health insurance, to pensions, investments and asset management.

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We are the UK's largest insurer with a strong international presence

Aviva is the UK's largest insurer, with 33 million customers worldwide and £490 billion (as at 31 December 2017) of assets under management. We paid out £34.6 billion in benefits and claims to our customers in 2017. 

We have a strong international presence in selected markets in Europe, Canada and Asia. We’re focused on markets and businesses where we can achieve scale, profitability and competitive advantage.

Our geographic diversification is one of our strengths:

  • our UK Insurance business contributes 59% (as at 31 December 2017) of our market operating profit
  • our non-UK based insurance businesses contribute 36% (as at 31 December 2017) of our market operating profit
  • Aviva Investors, our asset management business, operates globally and contributes 5% (as at 31 December 2017) of our market operating profit.
Our vision for Aviva is a business that makes it simple, effortless and easy for customers, with digital at its heart.

Where we operate


Aviva is the UK’s largest insurer with 15.5 million customers. Our UK insurance business brings together our life, general insurance and health operations in the UK and provides 59% (as at 31 December 2017) of our market operating profit.

We offer a market-leading range of savings and investments, protection and insurance products to individuals, business and corporate customers, such as pensions (including long-term savings), equity release, annuities, health insurance and a range of general insurance products.  We also have one of the largest legacy books in the UK life and pensions market.


Active registrations on MyAviva (as at 31 December 2017)





Paid to individual protection claims customers in the UK in 2017



Fraudulent UK claims detected: we continue to defend our customers against claims fraud


Paid each year to our UK annuity customers

Aviva is unique as the only large-scale composite insurer in the UK market with a top three share across multiple product lines. In the UK our market share for general insurance and health is over 10%, and life and savings insurance is 18%.

Our customers can interact with us in a number of ways: online, by phone, through brokers, financial advisers, strategic partners and price comparison websites.

You can read more about how our UK business performed in 2017 in our annual report.

Our UK business is led by Andy Briggs, CEO, UK Insurance.


Our international businesses comprise Aviva's operations in Canada and Europe. International markets are a major contributor to the Group, providing a valuable source of diversification.

In Canada we are the second-largest general insurer, providing a range of personal and commercial lines products to over 2.8 million customers. We have a leading position in the broker channel and are diversifying our distribution through bank channels, affinity partnerships and direct.

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Our European markets are a major contributor to the Group

In Europe, we take a focused approach, with insurance operations in France, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Ireland and Turkey. We have over nine million customers and operate a composite model across all of our European businesses, with the exception of Turkey where we offer life and savings products.

Find out more about how our International businesses performed in 2017 in our annual report.

Our international businesses are led by Maurice Tulloch, CEO International Insurance.


Our businesses in China, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam provide life, general and health insurance to around 4.2 million customers.

We operate a multi-distribution strategy in Asia which includes tied agency, financial advisers, bancassurance, digital,  telemarketing and direct sales force channels.

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We believe Asia offers tremendous growth potential for Aviva

We believe that Asia will continue to outperform other insurance markets; we continue to invest in our digital business and distribution channels in Asia to strengthen our footprint there.

See how our Asia businesses performed in 2017 in our annual report.

Our Asia businesses are led by Chris Wei, Executive Chairman of Asia and FPI.

Aviva Investors: our global asset management business

Aviva Investors has expertise in real assets, fixed income, equities and multi-asset investments.

They invest £347 billion (as at 30 June 2018) on behalf of our business and for external customers, who range from individuals saving for retirement through to the largest institutional investors.

Aviva Investors trader at screens
Aviva Investors is our global asset management business

This gives Aviva the size and scale to successfully seek out opportunities which will deliver specific investor outcomes.

Aviva Investors' aim is to become the long-term partner of choice for outcome-oriented solutions, leveraging their international reach and expertise to solve clients’ problems – most notably with the Aviva Investors Multi-Strategy (AIMS) range of funds – and increase investments in real assets such as real estate and infrastructure debt and equity.

You can read more about how Aviva Investors performed in 2017 in our annual report.

Aviva Investors is led by Euan Munro, CEO Aviva Investors.

Our progress

Since 2013 we have transformed Aviva.

We have fixed the balance sheet and turned around the operating performance. As we now enter the growth phase of our transformation, we have a clear strategy to deliver that growth.

Aviva is now a simpler, stronger group and we are growing.
Mark Wilson, Group CEO

And we are going to accelerate how we deliver that strategy. We’ll do so by recognising that strategy alone is just not enough. To go faster and further, we need the right culture, the right way of doing things.

Our approach always starts with the customer: to build trust we must always do the right thing for them, guided by our values.

You can find out more about our business, our strategy and our performance in the  investors section or take a look at our downloads below.

You can read more about the progress we made in 2017 on the 'Delivering on a clear plan of action' page of our annual report.

Our strategic framework

Our strategic framework focuses on three themes which will drive Aviva’s success.  It provides clear direction across all our markets for how we run our business:

True Customer Composite

This is about meeting customer needs across life, general, accident and health insurance, and asset management.  Discover more about what we mean by 'True Customer Composite'.

Digital First

This is about emphasising customer experience driven by digital.  For more about our digital transformation, read about how we are becoming a digital disruptor.

Not Everywhere

This puts our focus where we can win. We are focused on "major markets" where we have scale, profitability or a distinct competitive advantage. We also have markets where we have invested strategically to drive long-term value. You can read more about these markets on the Our markets page.  To find out more about how we decide where to allocate capital and how we categorise our businesses, take a look at our Not Everywhere page.

Our business model

We have a distinctive approach which defines and differentiates us.

We meet our customers’ needs with our insurance, protection, savings and investment products and services; we reinvest premiums and cash to create sustainable value for our customers, shareholders, our people and our communities.

Find out more in our business model infographic.