Not Everywhere

Not Everywhere is about creating value and delivering it.

It's about focusing our resources where we can be most competitive. It’s about focusing on doing a relatively small number of things well, rather than casting our net too widely. It's about being efficient. It’s about focusing on where we can win.

Graphic: how we decide where to allocate capital
How we decide where to allocate capital - click to expand

And Not Everywhere is also about capital allocation. We allocate capital to the markets, businesses and products that offer the most attractive returns, looking at it through three lenses: strategic, financial and execution.

It’s about being clear what not to do, so we can focus and invest in what we do best.

We focus on allocating capital to areas where we can generate strong returns. If we’re not getting the results we want, we will take action.

How we categorise our markets

We are focused on "major markets" where we have scale, profitability or a distinct competitive advantage.

We also have "strategic investments" which are markets in which we have invested strategically to drive long-term value.

You can find out more on the Our markets page.

Capital Markets Day summary 

We held our 2017 Capital Markets Day at our offices in Warsaw, Poland on 30 November 2017.  

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