Digital first

With their busy lives, customers are increasingly turning to digital to make things more convenient, simpler and quicker.

In an increasingly digital, data-driven world, our customers’ needs are changing. From individual customers, to intermediary partners and large corporate clients, our customers want innovative products and services, which are easy-to-use and make life more straightforward.

Use of digital devices is increasing; consumers spend on average over six hours every day on the Internet.

Our purpose is to help customers face into life’s uncertainties with confidence. Digital tools allow us to offer the convenience, simplicity and rewards to earn our customers’ trust, so that we can help more  customers protect what matters to them and save for a comfortable retirement.

We want to be a digital disruptor to bring simplicity to an industry dominated by complexity. 

So how are we doing that?

We’re creating digital experiences and tools which meet customers' needs and also address the 'pain points' that they tell us they feel. It’s about creating relationships which build over time and endure. 

Rewarding our customers' loyalty is central to our strategy - and digital enables us to do this. For example, we give multiple-product discounts to customers who use our online platform, MyAviva.

Globally, among our digital customers 68% are likely to consider Aviva for other products, compared to 53% of non-digital customers.

In a digital world, the advantages of being a True Customer Composite become more tangible. We have a greater opportunity to provide customers with a wide range of products to meet their specific needs. 

We’re making things easy and fast for customers by building and investing in simple digital solutions and by using our data and analytics capabilities:

  • With MyAviva, we give our customers access to all their products in one place and let them easily make changes to their policies or get the latest deal.
  • We’re putting an end to asking lists of complex questions which have confused and annoyed customers. 
  • We're using robotics and automation to simplify our processes: our protection customers can provide consent to obtain medical information digitally, with 73% of customers responding within 24 hours, compared to a previous average of 30 days.
  • We recognise customers often have relationships with us through the companies they work for or via a financial adviser,  as well as directly with us.  MyAviva helps to bridge all three channels effortlessly and conveniently.   This is particularly important when our customers change jobs or move house.
  • In December 2018, we announced we were launching AvivaPlus, an industry-first, subscription-style insurance for our UK customers. AvivaPlus is the way insurance should be.
Woman and man talking over laptop at our garage in Hoxton, London

Our digital tools and experiences help customers protect what’s important to them - and prevent some bad things from happening in the first place: 

  • With our award-winning Aviva Drive app with DashCam functionality, customers can get a discount on their car insurance and have an independent witness on-board to help in the event of an accident
  • We help people plan for the life they want in retirement with our Shape my Future tool
  • We make it easier for our UK pensions customers to get their latest pension value from the comfort of their sofa with our Alexa Skill
  • We help our UK customers to prevent water damage to their homes caused by leaking pipes with LeakBot and other smart devices that help to keep their homes safe, such as Canary.

We understand that digital isn’t the only way people want to deal with us. There’s always going to be an occasion when a phone call or face-to-face conversation works best. For us, digital is just one of the ways we can help make things easier and better for our customers.

What we are doing differently

We’ve created Digital Garages in London, Singapore and Canada, and digital spaces in our Paris, Warsaw, Bristol and Norwich offices. These host real businesses delivering digital solutions to customers today. They are also catalysts for digital innovation, where creative minds collaborate to turn ideas into new products and services. 

We also look to find and apply new ways of doing business. We’re working with some of the brightest companies - big and small - around the world to innovate so that our customers can benefit:

  • Through our corporate venture capital fund, Aviva Ventures, we make investments in early-stage businesses that have the potential to transform the insurance industry. For example, we’re working with Owlstone Medical, who are developing non-invasive diagnostics for cancer, infectious and inflammatory diseases. 
  • We've acquired a majority stake in Neos, a smart technology insurance provider which helps customers to monitor and protect their homes with connected devices. 
  • We’re partnering with start-ups to trial innovative customer solutions, including through Founders Factory who help start-ups build scale.
  • In the UK we’ve made a strategic investment in start-up Wealthify - a robo-investment platform that allows you to save from as little as £1 with transparent fees.
  • Blue is our joint venture with Hillhouse, a leading investment management firm, and Tencent, the world’s fourth largest internet company. Together we’ll disrupt Hong Kong’s intermediary-dominated insurance market by offering zero-commission, easy-to-use, digital insurance.

We’ve partnered with the University of Cambridge to transform insurance through data science. Together, we’ll strive to solve real world challenges, like identifying which health interventions are most likely to help people live longer and healthier lives.

We are on a mission to create a world-class data science capability. This ground-breaking partnership will equip us with access to knowledge and research in this area.
Owen Morris, Managing Director of Aviva Quantum, Aviva’s Global Data Science Practice
Meeting at our Digital Garage in Hoxton Square, London

Fancy joining us?

Whether it’s established digital experts we’ve attracted or graduates and apprentices who choose us as the launch pad for their digital careers, our talent is helping to drive a rapid cultural shift to a digital-first mindset across Aviva. If you think you could help us disrupt insurance, take a look at our careers page.

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