Digital first

We're taking a leadership position in digital insurance. This is our future.

The insurance industry is ripe for disruption by digital. We want Aviva to be a 300+ year old disruptor, which puts digital first so that we can offer customers better, more personalised products and services.

The environment in which we operate continues to see rapid change in technology and digital distribution and how we work at Aviva. We have to think digital first across all our distribution channels.  It’s becoming how customers want to connect and do business with us.

Putting digital first means putting digital at the forefront of all change and development activity across Aviva.

We put Digital First. This is how we will capitalise on being a True Customer Composite. With their busy lives, customers are increasingly turning to digital to make things more convenient, easier and quicker.

Delivering True Customer Composite

TCC graphic
Customers have a wide range of insurance, protection and savings needs

In a digital world, the advantages of being a True Customer Composite become more tangible. We have a much greater opportunity to deal directly with customers and provide them with a wide range of products to meet their needs.

Digital is crucial to our True Customer Composite strategy. We put digital first because our customers are choosing to self-serve: researching, buying policies and making changes online.

69% of our customers are likely to consider Aviva for other products, compared to 52% of non-digital customers.

What does digital first mean for ...

   ... our customers?

  • You get a letter from your insurer and you can’t cut through the jargon … We’ve developed an Amazon Alexa Skill to help - with 300 insurance terms and their definitions.
  • You’d like to try investing but want to start small … We’ve teamed up with Wealthify, a low-cost, robo-investment service that means you can invest as little as £1
  • You don’t want the hassle of dealing with a load of different insurers … MyAviva lets you manage all your Aviva policies in one place and rewards you for your loyalty.
  • You need a car insurance quote that reflects your careful driving … Our Aviva Drive app helps safer drivers save money on their insurance.
  • Your heart sinks at the thought of endless questions from your insurer just to get a quote … We’re using data to reduce the number of questions we ask - and we’re aiming for zero.
  • You need to replace your stolen TV … We’ve paid claims like this in as little as five minutes using Amazon gift cards. We can’t do it every time, but we’re working on it. 

   ...  our intermediaries and business customers? 

  • We've developed social media tools for sales agents in Poland and France.
  • In an industry first, our Disclosure Guarantee means business customers applying online can easily meet their obligations under the new UK Insurance Act by answering a few simple questions.
  • We've equipped our risk management experts with thermographic cameras so they can identify early warning signs of risks and prevent business interruptions before they even happen.
Aviva Frame screenshot
Aviva Frame shows genuine customer feedback in real-time

   ...  our people?

  • Aviva #Uncut is a great way to help build a culture in which we have open, transparent, challenging conversations and do better for our customers. One of our senior managers is filmed answering any question without any warning and streamed live to our people. 
  • To make sure our customers are front-of mind for every one of our UK people and to keep us all focused on what matters to them, we developed Frame. It brings together genuine real-time customer feedback, in the form of videos, social media comments, telephone calls or online reviews. It helps us understand how we can serve customers better.

Making digital easy for everyone

We put digital first because it's great for the customer. But it also means we’ve got to go the extra mile for customers who aren’t confident or comfortable with digital, tailoring what we do so it works for them. We’re making MyAviva, our digital platform, accessible and convenient, and our retirement hub is designed with ease of use in mind. 

Older people earning digital skills at ICT in Dagenham
Digital skills can open a whole new world

The Aviva Community Fund has supported local projects which help people of all ages get the skills they need to do more online. We want our customers to be confident enough to be digital first with us.

One of the 2016 winners was Digital Inclusion for Older People who won £10,000 to support people aged over 50 who are not computer literate and are digitally excluded, economically disadvantaged and socially isolated. Through their work, they open up a whole new world for older people – from using online banking to manage their finances to booking holidays. 

Our digital garages

digital garage in Hoxton
Our digital garage in Hoxton Square, London

We have created Digital Garages in London, Singapore and Canada, and digital spaces in our Paris, Warsaw, Bristol and Norwich offices.  They are catalysts for digital innovation, where creative minds from across Aviva and the industry collaborate to turn innovative ideas into real products and services for our customers.  

We also look to find and apply new ways of doing business, and we're working in partnership with a range of new and existing players in the digital space.

Our digital partners

Aviva Ventures is our corporate venture capital fund. It looks for cutting edge tech start-ups that can help shape the future of insurance and invests in them.

We have partnered with businesses like Cocoon – which uses smart tech to deliver next generation home security. We’ve also announced partnerships with Opun, AppyParking and Founders Factory.


In Hong Kong we’re reinventing insurance for the digital age with our new joint venture with Hillhouse Capital, a leading investment management firm, and Tencent, the world’s fourth largest internet company. Together we want to shake up the Hong Kong insurance market, which currently relies on expensive intermediaries, by offering a superior digital solution so that insurance fits with our customers’ lives and meets their needs.

Digital capability

digital team in discussion at computer screens
Meeting at our digital garage in Hoxton Square, London

Whether it’s the established digital experts we’ve attracted to Aviva or the graduates and apprentices who are choosing Aviva as the launch pad for their digital careers, this new talent is helping to drive a rapid cultural shift to a digital first mindset across Aviva.

If you think you could help us to disrupt insurance, why not take a look at our careers page.