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Amanda Blanc: glimmer of light for lockdown

As many return to lockdown, Amanda Blanc, our Group CEO, shares her views on what is required from business to support its people and customers.

We find ourselves where no one wanted to be. One faint glimmer of light for the lockdown this time round is that at least we understand better what needs to be done.

Our employees already have what they need to work from home to keep serving our individual and business customers, who are facing all manner of daily risks right now.

We have extended the customer support we put in place earlier in the year, particularly for those facing financial hardship. But the flipside of having been through this all before is that everyone is already feeling tired and stressed.

Companies can only look after customers if they care for their people.

Like all businesses, insurance companies can only look after customers if they care for their people. I’m worried about employees’ mental and physical health, so it’s critical they have the practical support they need to stay well. 

For example, at Aviva, all our employees have access to mental health, domestic abuse and wellness support and an assistance line for anyone needing to talk to someone.

It will feel harder this time as winter draws on, but by looking out for each other, and staying connected, we’ll get through it again.

Amanda's comments on lockdown were first published in The Times November 2020 article: What business wants in battle for survival.