Our long-term strategic framework is based on four theses:

Investment thesis

Our investment thesis of cash flow plus growth sets out why investors should choose us.

Customer thesis

The customer thesis identifies how we will meet customers’ needs better than our competitors, so that we will become the insurer of choice in our chosen markets.  We will ensure simplicity and convenience for our customers, which we call ‘simplicity your way’.

People thesis

The people thesis is about chaging our culture, supporting our people to achieve their potential so that they can best serve our customers and enable us to achieve outstanding performance.

Distribution thesis

The distribution thesis ensures that we provide the range of channels through which our customers want to purchase products and services from us.

Our strategy has three core elements:

True customer composite

Meeting all customer needs across life, general, health insurance and asset management

We are a True Customer Composite. This is what differentiates us. We are the only true composite of scale in the UK, which means we are one of only a few insurance companies in the world which can provide customers with life, general, and health insurance and asset management in one place.

Digital first

Emphasising customer experience driven by digital - online and mobile

We put digital first - this is how we will capitalise on being a True Customer Composite. Direct digital distribution is fundamentally changing the customer relationship in many of our markets. So, if it is a choice of where we invest it will be in Digital First across all our distribution channels - it's how customers want to do business with us.

Not everywhere

Focusing only in markets and segments where we can win

We are Not Everywhere. We are not interested in planting flags or being in 100 countries. We will focus on a select number of markets where we have scale and profitability or a distinct competitive advantage - where we can win.

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We have three areas of focus where we will allocate resource:


We will prioritise investment in digital. This includes digital as a direct channel and also more broadly. Our aim is to increase our share of the direct digital channel and develop more effective use of data and new technology

Predictive analytics

We will focus on enhancing our analytics capabilities, increasing the use of internal and external data to drive superior performance across the business including underwriting, pricing and claims


We will reduce manual interventions in processes, reducing overheads by, for example, increasing auto-settled claims. This will enable us to move to a model of ongoing efficiency improvement