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2015 interim dividend will be payable on 17 November 2015 (to shareholders on the Register of Members on 9 October 2015).

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Useful information for new and current Aviva shareholders and a comprehensive guide that answers many of the questions you may have about owning shares in Aviva plc.    

Former Friends Life shareholders

Following the completion of the acquisition, shareholders of Friends Life Group Limited were issued with new Aviva shares.  We would like to welcome you to the Shareholder Services section of the Aviva website where you can find:





Warning to shareholders

There has been an increase in reports of overseas fraudsters contacting shareholders to sell and buy shares. If you have received any unsolicited investment advice read more here.   

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Aviva Annual General Meeting 2015

The Annual General Meeting took place at 11am on Wednesday, 29 April 2015 and was held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London.

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