Pensions Saving Gap - Europe

The Pensions Gap across Europe

Aviva has measured the difference between what pension provision people need for an adequate standard of living in retirement and the pension amount they can currently expect to receive. The difference between expectations and reality - what we've termed the 'pensions gap' - stands at €1.9 trillion across the 27 EU member states.

The Pensions Gap for Individuals

Quantifying the pensions gap highlights that individuals need to save more where they can. But to what extent? Aviva has analysed how individuals feel about this and their current expectations of retirement.

Country by country analysis

EU MapAviva's analysis is the first time a study has been completed to understand the magnitude of the pensions gap in Europe. Our findings vary substantially between countries due to economy and population sizes.

In more detail:

Towards Annual Pension Statements Across The EU

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Country Reports

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